A Violent Emotion (2024) // CD

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After being out of print for nearly a decade, A Violent Emotion is back on CD! This 2024 edition features revised artwork, a full remaster by original mixing and mastering engineer Krischan Wesenberg, along with new, rare and unreleased remixes. 


1. The Violence
2. Spit it Out 
3. Schadenfreude
4. The Siren
5. A Quiet Anthem
6. Living the Wasted Life
7. The Great Depression8. Pale
9. Arsenic on the Rocks
10. The Ones
11. The Siren (Faderhead Remix 2024)
12. Living the Wasted Life (Deadbeat Remix)
13. Spit it Out (Grendel Remix)
14. The Great Depression (Nachtmahr Remix)