Into the Black World Tour // VIP Upgrade

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For this tour, we've decided to take it to the next level and offer a truly unique VIP experience: Speed Dating with Aesthetic Perfection! 

Inspired by the trend from the 90's, we'll be offering every VIP patron one on one time with each band member before doors open. Together, you'll take part in a fun and zany activity for a predetermined amount of time. Once the buzzer goes off EVERYONE WILL ROTATE TO THE NEXT MEMBER! Will you be coloring a picture with Elliott? Naming a goldfish with Joey? Maybe you'll be writing poetry with Daniel! NO ONE KNOWS! Activities will be randomized and vary on each day, so if you attend multiple VIP sessions you'll have very different experiences!

Also included in the package:

Signed Setlist: 

Vote on songs and help us decide which tracks to play that night. You'll receive a signed setlist from your show! 

Signed Polaroid with the band: 

We'll do our best to keep the tour stink at bay while you stand next to us and take your own individual Polaroid! This unique photo will be signed and yours to keep! 

Signed limited edition poster: 

We've designed a VIP exclusive poster that isn't available anywhere else. We're happy to sign this (and anything else, really) if you wish! 

VIP laminate: 

Wear this all evening with pride and make all the other concert goers jealous!  This will be proof that YOU got that sweaty hand massage from Elliott, tasted wine with Daniel or smashed a cake in Joey's face! 

***This is a VIP UPGRADE. Concert tickets are SOLD SEPARATELY. European concert tickets can be purchased at:*** 


You will receive an email 48 hours before the show date with specific instructions, but please plan to be at the venue 1-2 hours before doors. 
We look forward to seeing all of you!