Into the Black - Deluxe Version // 2CD

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This is the deluxe version of Into the Black! This two-disc set features an alternate tracklist from the original pressing, which includes the b-sides "Dark Ages" and "Weaponized". Additionally, the second disc contains all the non-album singles released between 2015 and 2018 as well as "Angels and Kings" the unreleased final chapter of the LAX trilogy. Limited to 1,000 copies and printed on a foldout digipak with alternate artwork, this is a must for any Perfectionist. Only 200 copies will be available in our online store, the rest will be reserved for the merch booth on our upcoming tour. Drops September 6th, 2019. 

Tracklist Disc 1: 

1. Gods & Gold 
2. Weaponized 
3. Supernatural 
4. Echoes
5. Dark Ages 
6. Wickedness
7. We Wake Up
8. If I Die
9. No Boys Allowed
10. Saint Peter
11. YOLO
12. Mourning Doves

    Tracklist Disc 2: 

    1. Welcome to Perfection
    2. LAX
    3. Love Like Lies
    4. Angels and Kings 
    5. Rhythm + Control (Out of Control Mix feat. Jinxx & Nyxx)
    6. Ebb and Flow 
    7. Rhythm + Control (Out of Control Electro Mix feat. Nyxx)
    8. Ebb and Flow (Deadbeat Remix)