A Nice Place to Destroy (Single) [Import] // CD

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Limited edition European CD single for "A Nice Place to Visit" and "All Beauty Destroyed". The dual single was created to commemorate the simultaneous release of both music videos and features remixes by Daniel Myer of Haujobb and Comaduster as well as a cover of "She Drives Me Crazy". Originally released on June 29, 2012 via Out of Line Records in Germany. This single is out of print and available exclusively here in our webstore! 


1. A Nice Place To Visit (Album Version)
2. A Nice Place To Visit (Formalin Remix)
3. A Nice Place To Visit (Double Plus Ten Remix)
4. A Nice Place To Visit (Of These Hope Remix)
5. All Beauty Destroyed (Album Version)
6. All Beauty Destroyed (Daniel Myer Remix)
7. All Beauty Destroyed (Comaduster Remix)
8. All Beauty Destroyed (EMP 80834 Remix)
9. All Beauty Destroyed (Sensuous Enemy Remix)
10. She Drives Me Crazy