All Beauty Destroyed // 2CD

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First pressing of the Limited Edition 2CD North American version of All Beauty Destroyed released via Metropolis Records on November 4, 2011.

Tracklist Disc 1: 

1. A Nice Place to Visit 
2. The Devil's in the Details 
3. The 11th Hour 
4. Hit the Streets
5. One and Only
6. Inhuman
7. Celebrity Sin
8. Filthy Design
9. Motherfucker
10. Under Your Skin
11. The Little Death
12. All Beauty Destroyed

Tracklist Disc 2: 

1. A Nice Place To Visit (B.M.F. Remix By Extinction Front)
2. A Nice Place To Visit (X-RX Remix)
3. A Nice Place To Visit (Caustic Remix)
4. Hit The Streets (Alter Der Ruine Remix)
5. The 11th Hour (Hocico Remix)
6. All Beauty Destroyed (XP8 Remix)